Financial transitions across the lifespan

Abacus Financial Planning helps women and their families across the lifespan. We work with clients across life stages and transitions, helping to identify resources and build readiness for new challenges. The lifespan approach is comprehensive, long-term, and flexible. Financial planning is thus not a one-time event but rather a continuous process.

It’s easy to name stages of the lifespan and most adults relate financial planning to establishing a family, creating a career, advancing in that career, and eventually retiring. Progression in a career can appear seamless as we watch high earners in their 30s turn into high-net-worth individuals in their 50s. Behind the scenes, there are several transitions to be made, though. Those individuals may have started out as individual contributors on the job and later emerged as leaders or managers. From a financial perspective, a shift in roles may be marked by differences in salary, equity compensation, savings strategies, and investments. The accompanying financial discussions change a lot!

For some people, the most challenging transition arrives with retirement. The obvious “ages and stages” report would be “When I retire at 66, I will live off my [fill in the blank: pension, savings, investments, etc.] and never rise before noon.” An unexpected transition awaits, though: learning how to transition from saving money to spending it. A person who spends decades watching their net worth increase may struggle as the numbers swing the other way. The financial perspective must take in more than ages and stages and bring focus to the transitions, as well.

I tell clients I don’t have a crystal ball on the stock market. (Expect volatility.) Similarly, I cannot predict the job market, interest rates and real estate appreciation. (Build in flexibility.) Most definitely, I cannot guess at how any of us will fare in our last years of life. (Plan for contingencies.)  But I’ve worked with people of all ages, in different professions, and with different family compositions. I see that life usually works out, though with bumps and unexpected twists and turns. I see clients come through hard times and find a new path. Whether the changes are exciting or exhausting, people find a way through the transitions.

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Abacus Financial Planning focuses on giving tailored financial advice to women, their families, and people historically underserved by the financial industry. We help women across the lifespan, especially around points of transition

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