Use money to live
the life you want.

  • In retirement, we help clients with the shift from earning and saving to spending from their investments.

  • After divorce or loss of a partner, we help clients adjust to the new normal.

  • We help clients who have experienced career success adjust to the realities of life in a higher tax bracket.

Our Principles

Things we talk about with clients


  • Fund the bucket list
  • Plan to age your way
  • Simplify the investing process
  • Feel secure with a planning partner

In the thick of it

  • Feel confident and empowered in your financial decisions
  • Have a solid understanding of your finances and the ability to plan and control them
  • Find your balance of spending and saving
  • Work with an accountability partner
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Big changes

  • Understand financial decisions that come with big life changes
  • Navigate through new financial terrain
  • Find comfort and ease in new life circumstances
  • Get guidance from a thinking partner as you compare options

Want more ease and clarity in your finances?

The Abacus Investment Philosophy


Build a diversified portfolio that is cost- and tax-aware as part of a transparent investing strategy.

Tailored to you

Advice is tailored to your overall financial situation and goals.

Costs and fees

We are conscious about fees, and our starting point is typically low-cost investment options.

Behavioral considerations

A behavioral approach bridges academic research with the individual’s investing experience.


We are tax-aware and “don’t let the tax tail wag the investment dog.”


Time in the market matters more than timing the market.

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