Are you a fiduciary?

Yes! Abacus Financial Planning will always put the client’s interests first.

What are your fees?

Financial planning:
• 1-time Comprehensive planning: $6,400 – 10,560
• Hourly: $320/hr
• Strategy sessions: Customized based on project scope

Investment management:
• 1% up to $2,000,000, then 0.40% on the balance over $2,000,000

Learn more about financial planning and investment management.

Why a range of fees?

Fees are based on complexity – the more moving parts, the more time we’ll spend talking about it, and the more time Abacus Financial Planning will spend modeling scenarios and building recommendations. 

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For a comprehensive financial plan, is the fee fixed?

Yes! WA state has strong investor protection laws for clients of financial advisors. Abacus Financial Planning bills you for time actually spent working on your plan. If we use less time than estimated, you pay a lower cost. If we spend more time than estimated, you pay only the original estimate.

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What’s your minimum?

The minimum account balance for investment management is $1. See our investment management services.

Which service is right for me?

Let’s talk! You can schedule a quick consultation with me here. Questions we will discuss to figure out the right service for you:

• Do you have a few specific questions or want to go over everything? 
• Do you want strategic advice that you can implement on your own? 
• Do you want ongoing support with your investments?

Do you work with people outside of the Seattle area?

Yes! We primarily meet with clients virtually. Regulations for financial advisors vary by state, and we can let you know if we can work with you. Contact me!

How do we get started?

Schedule an introductory call here.