Yes! Abacus Financial Planning will always put the client’s interests first.

  • Comprehensive financial plan*: $6,400 – $19,200
  • Hourly: $400/hr

* This is a typical fee range for a one-time plan. The planning fee is tied to the hourly rate.

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Fees are based on complexity – the more moving parts, the more time we’ll spend talking about it, and the more time Abacus Financial Planning will spend modeling scenarios and building recommendations.

There is no minimum income or assets for financial planning. While there is not a minimum number of hours required for a financial planning engagement, an initial engagement for a new client typically requires a minimum of 10 hours.

The minimum account balance for investment management is $500,000.

Yes! We primarily meet with clients virtually. Regulations for financial advisors vary by state, and we can let you know if we can work with you.

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What does a financial advisor do?

You may think a financial advisor …

The Abacus approach …

Will tell you to stop drinking lattes

We help you spend money on what is important to you.

Tells you how many more years to work

We walk through scenarios to explore different retirement paths.

Asks where your money goes every month

We use BudgetingBlocksTM to explore spending and bring the conversation out of a spreadsheet. Our questions in the budgeting process: What surprises you about your spending? Where is your spending aligned with your values? Where do you want to spend more (or less) money?

Sells insurance or investments for the commission

Abacus Financial Planning is a fee-only firm. We receive compensation only from clients. We do not sell financial products and do not receive commissions.

Gives you a boring PDF report

Well, we love our PDF reports, but they’re different! The report documents our collaborative planning.

Will judge you for being “behind” in savings

We walk in with fresh eyes and are not anchored to past financial decisions. We use a strengths-based approach, focused on empowering you in your financial decisions.

Will make you track your spending

We will never make you do anything. If tracking spending works for you, keep it up. Otherwise, we focus on identifying what you want to track closely and what you don’t need to focus on now. For retirees, we suggest a line item in the budget for “food and fritter.”

Knows how to beat the market

Our investment decisions are guided by research. We do not attempt to beat the market. Instead, we build financial plans that are flexible and responsive to different possible futures.

Will share hot stock tips with you

We are not day trading. We take the long view and do not try to predict how any specific stock will do any specific day or year.

Is only focused on taxes

Our approach is tax-aware. We want you to always understand the tax implications of our recommendations, and we don’t let the tax tail wag the dog.

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